Why SaasBoard?


Looking for ways to reduce conference costs, enhance communication and operational efficiency, and change work style? Here's the one-of-the kind web conferencing tool designed for active knowledge workers.

Go beyond the barriers of time and cost, the boundaries of organizations and languages, and the lime of words, and enhance operational efficiency. We offer you a low-cost, highly secure web collaboration service that allows you to communicate in an intuitive and visually rich way. You can be free from constraints of the traditional web conferencing system with SaasBoard.

Efficiency of Web Conferencing

No installation, quick to start.

You can't start web conferencing as quickly as accessing a designated URL of a server from your web browser. No need to install any software. All you need is a PC connected to the Internet. Use SaasBoard for web meetings between remote sites such as HQ and its branch offices. Regardless of where you are, away on business, home, office, on mobile, internet cafe, etc., you can reliably transmit information anytime, to anywhere and anyone.

Low cost and high cost performance

Low cost Web Conferencing

Don't you feel you are wasting money on functions you would never use? SaasBoard focuses on only truly needed web conferencing functions and is simply designed to allow everyone to quickly make full use of them. It is extremely low priced-only minimum $7.4 per user/month. There is no initial cost and you can enjoy unlimited use for a flat monthly rate. These are the reasons we receive comments like "very easy to use and yet very low cost" and "it includes everything we need and has helped us to improve operational efficiency."

Reliable and convenient both for office and private use.

The SaasBoard Room series are room-based plans that enable centralized operational management by an Administrator. The SaasBoard Collabo series are user-based plans that allow interactive web collaboration anywhere anytime with anyone. You can select from either series according to your company's IT governance policy. Enjoy easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use and highly secured features.

    Unlimited use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • An unlimited number of conference calls of any duration. Experience highly secured web conferencing anytime.
    An unlimited number of conference calls and participants.
  • You can host as many as web meetings you need, inviting an unlimited number of participants. You can also invite other participants outside the company by email on an ad hoc basis.
    Enjoy high quality video and audio.
  • A fast computation algorithm optimized for low to high bit rate provides high quality video and audio. This makes your web conferencing experience more effective and comfortable.
    Features that enable your thoughts to be exactly expressed come as standard.
  • It is sometimes difficult to express yourself using words and facial expression. With our WebBoard functionality, you can communicate in a visually rich way by pasting objects anywhere and link them each other, etc. With desktop sharing functionality, you can share your documents opened on your screen with other members. With SaasBoard, you can communicate beyond the constraints of the traditional web conferencing system, achieving operational efficiency and productivity.
    You can choose the best video screen size according to the number of participants.
  • You can adjust video windows flexibly according to the number of participants on video meeting.

Reliable securities with no data is leaked, and all data is deleted.

Data confidentiality is ensured using SSL encryption. Your data is safe on the Internet. Each SaasBoard plan offers an automatic deletion capability that deletes all data shared in a conference room on the server once the meeting is over. You can configure operation rights, access rights, and other security safeguards. Your critical information will be secured and protected.

High speed and reliable servers to ensure stable and secure services.

Our servers are housed at major and high quality information data centers (certified with ISO 9001/ISMS) connected to key Internet exchange points and major ISPs, securing a number of optimum routes and enabling high-speed and highly reliable Internet access. Transmission is supported by double access lines for BCP purposes to avoid downtime in a disaster.

    Any network environments work for SaasBoard
  • No need to change office proxy or firewall port settings. You can use SaasBoard on your existing network environment in a highly securely manner.
    Our unique bandwidth control technology creates a comfortable network environment regardless of network bandwidth.
  • Our unique bandwidth control technology enables high quality audio and video connections, reducing CPU consumption. If data being transmitted on a network is sniffed, it cannot be decoded because of SSL encryption.
    Best-in-class facilities and operational and monitoring structure.
  • The servers are maintained in an Internet data center that provides the highest level of security services including 24x365 manned monitoring using biometric authentication devices, surveillance cameras, etc., in addition to various anti-disaster measures such as earthquake resistant design, in-house power generation, fire suppression system, etc.

Collaborate with anytime, anyone, anywhere.

Web conferencing only with Windows users, or MAC or Linux users is not realistic. Because SaasBoard is a SaaS/ASP-based service, it runs on almost any popular OS and web browsers, i.e., more than 99% of all PC's worldwide. You can start web conferencing right away with no special plug-in software except the latest version of Flash and Java.

    You can use SaasBoard on any PC with web browsing capabilities.
  • SaasBoard runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.,
  • SaasBoard has been verified to function in IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. 
  • Required plug-ins are Flash 10 or higher and Java 6 higher.
  • To review the detailed system requirements, click here.

Web collaboration that is not constrained by traditional barriers.

SaasBoard will take us to an era of web collaboration.


SaasBoard is not a service that merely replaces a business meeting taking place in a meeting room with an IT-driven conferencing system to reduce cost and increase operational efficiency. 

SaasBoard is a service that can change and empower the way you work, support businesses to increase their productivity and create new values through its highly secure web collaboration technology.

The ability of SaasBoard technology has been proven by numerous awards, including the Chairman's Award of "Conference for Information Technology Promotion Month", the Good Product Award for Smaller Businesses' Excellent Innovative Technology & Products, the 7th CSAJ Alliance Award and many more.


Use SaasBoard for free to host web meetings with no price and time limit.


Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click!


Inquiries: Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 9:00am - 5:00pm. JPN time

Daimashi Naruse Bldg. 2F, 5-1-6, Minami-naruse, Machida-city, Tokyo 194-0045, Japan

Registered Telecommunications Carrier at Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Kanto Bureau of Telecommunications
Registration Number A-22-11274


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Why SaasBoard?

Go beyond the barriers of time and space and price.
Go beyond the boundaries of organizations and languages.
Go beyond the limit of language.

Our Goals with SaasBoard

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