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How to Start a Video Meeting

Let's get started video conferencing. It's as easy and smooth as making a telephone call.
All you need is a PC connected to the Internet, web camera, microphone and SaasBoard.

How to log in to SaasBoard Server

To log in to SaasBoard server, enter your Society, ID and password.

We recommend that you perform self check on your web camera, headset and microphone prior to your first video meeting to ensure a smooth start.

Once you log in, a SNS platform and a web meeting room reservation platform will be displayed for a SaasBoard Collabo user and SaasBoard Room user, respectively.

◆ SaasBoard Collabo (also SaasBoard Free)

Create a Video Meeting

Select the Quick Conference tab if you want to start conferencing now, or the Reserve Conference tab to schedule a future meeting. Enter members' ID you want to invite, the title of the meeting, any message, etc., and click the Start Conference button or Reserve Conference button. It is notified to each member's SNS platform as well as their email address.

Participate in a video meeting from the SNS platform

There are two ways to participate the meeting. First, you can join from the "Conference" panel on your SNS platform. Under the "In Session" bar, a list of meetings is displayed. Find the meeting you want to join and click the "Enter "button.

Participate in a video meeting from email

The second way to join the meeting is to jump to the URL informed in the invitation email you received. Then, log in to SaasBoard sever, go to the "Conference" panel, and click the "Enter" button.

◆ SaasBoard Collabo (also SaasBoard Free)

Create a video meeting

You can check the reservation status at a glance on the calendar and timeline. Find available timing, click select it, and set up a meeting. Enter the email addresses of members you want to invite, the title of the meeting, any message, etc., and click the Reserve Conference button. This confirms the reservation and emails are sent to the members.

Participate in a Video Meeting from email

When you receive an invitation email, join the meeting at a given time by clicking the URL informed in the email, logging in to SaasBoard sever, clicking the "Enter" button on the "Conference" panel.

◆ The following instructions are for both SaasBoard Collabo and SaasBoard Room users.

Start a Video Meeting

Before entering a meeting room, you will be prompted to approve the connection of your camera and microphone to SaasBoard server. Click the "Approve" button to approve the connection (if a camera is not connected, your video box will black out, but other users can hear you through the microphone). Then, you should adjust for echo cancellation and microphone volume. Once the adjustment is made, the setting is saved.  

Adjust Video and Audio quality

Members on the call are displayed on the screen once they enter the meeting room. Your video is in the upper left corner of the screen with the others in order of entering the room. Double-clicking on someone's video  will give a pop-up window, which is both draggable and resizable. Using the "Setting" tab, you can adjust video and sound quality. The default video quality is set at 64Kbps and 70 points (equivalent to QVGA). Increasing the video quality will occupy a larger transmission bandwidth, resulting in slow speeds. So be careful when you adjust the quality. For better video quality, we recommend that you purchase a bandwidth option.

Let's Have Chat Conversations.

You can send messages to all participating members, or one particular person. The window shown in the lower left corner is for conversations between the whole group, so the text you type in will be transmitted to everyone in the meeting. For an one-on-one conversation, double-click on the person to open a pop-up window where you can have a conversation. This feature is very handy particularly when you want to seek a comment from a particular person.

Let's use WebBoard and Share Your Desktop

Web meetings usually involves numerous documents or graphics. While you continue with the video meeting, you can switch between the "Conference," "WebBoard" and "Desktop Sharing" panels anytime so the meeting become more media-rich and interactive.

You can do far more than the above. For detailed instructions, please read the manual.


Use SaasBoard for free to host web meetings with no price and time limit.


Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click!


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