Video Meeting

Inviting to and joining web meetings is both easy.
A variety of functionality is available on the interface. Regardless of your environment, smooth operation is ensured.

Communicate looking at each other through the screen.

A fast computation algorithm provides high quality video and sound. This makes your web conferencing experience more effective and comfortable.

A variety of functionality is available on one panel. Regardless of communication lines including mobile, smooth visual communication is ensured.

The video quality slider and a variety of bandwidth options enhance the video image quality. Take advantage of high quality video for expressing subtle nuances and for remote interviews and auditions.

Smooth video conferencing with up to 100 participants.

One web meeting room can accommodate up to 100 participants. Best suited for video meetings between multiple locations and online presentations.

Where 10 or more participants are logged in, the Large Group mode* is automatically enabled. Up to three people can interact in conversation (two-way transmission) while others only listen (on-way transmission). To join the conversation, you need to click the Join Conversation button.

* SaasBoard Room18 through SaasBoard Room100 support the Large Group mode. SaasBoard Collabo users can opt to purchase the Large Group mode option.

Video recording and replaying is possible.

You can record the whole or part of the video meeting and save recordings.

Users who missed the meeting can replay the video anytime. This way, you don't need to take minutes any more.

You can participate in the video meeting without a web camera or microphone.

Even without a web camera and microphone, you can still watch other participants and their facial expression on the screen, and join the discussion using the chat function.

In environments where silence is required, you can mute your microphone so the other users can't hear you. You can also disable video.

Hassle-free, quick start web conferencing

Audio problems just before the meeting are frustrating enough to make you think that you should've arranged a physical face-to-face meeting.

Prior to the meeting, check whether your camera and microphone are working using the Self-check function so that you can "get straight to the point" once the meeting starts. Hassel-free SaasBoard web conferencing will make you want to use it over and over again.

    Is it easy to start video conferencing?
  • Here's step-by-step instructions. Click Here
    Can I start video conferencing with my PC and devices?
  • Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click! Click Here to Selfcheck


Use SaasBoard for free to host web meetings with no price and time limit.


Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click!


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