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WebBoard with Video Meeting
It's just like people get together around a plain white paper and hand-draw each one's ideas so intuitively and openly.
It's an intellectural creation tool, much more than a mere white board in web conferencing.

Pasting what you want to share is so easy

You can paste not only text or hand-drawn pictures, but also photos, sound, videos, and excel, powerpoint and PDF documents, etc. on a web screen.

Google Maps, YouTube and web objects as well.

Collaboration with WebBoard

Paste, edit and operate

You can edit an excel sheet pasted on the screen in real time.

You can view and listen to YouTube, operate Google Maps and other web objects in real time.

This is why it's called "WebBoard," not just a white board on the web.

Edit,Paint,Attach everything on WebBoard

Can you express a rough idea just with words?

It is easy to hand draw illustrations using the drawing tool, and add notes or comments by typing in text.

Just like face-to-face comminication, you can share your rough ideas that are hard to articulate in words. Other white boarding tools never can achieve like this.

Easy to use,Easy to communicate WebBoard

Intuitive and intellectual creation without time constrains is so easy with SaasBoard

You can add text boxes to enter comments or notes inside and insert arrows to connect related objects.

You can collaborate with multiple users on a WebBoard screen in real time, or work on the screen separately whenever available so everyone's ideas or comments are incorporated timely.

This means SaasBoard enables you and your collegues to efficiently collaborate to acheive intellectual creation just like following a mind map and thinking intuitively, without time constraints.

WebBoard beyond time and word

All the necessary tools are built in, so you can start now.

Tools, such as adding comments, graphics and videos, as well as a freehand drawing tool are all served from our server.

You don't need to install any software. You just log in from your web browser.

Necessary all tools are built in the WebBoard.

Unlimited WebBoard space

You can paste as many as objects on the WebBoard space as it expands automatically and unlimitedly. You can add ideas and comments as many as you like.

WebBoard space as it expands automatically

Overview functionality

The entire WebBoard space is displayed on the Overview Map shown as transparent in the lower-right corner of the screen. You can keep perspective of the entire WebBoard regardless of how many objects are placed there.

WebBoard space is displayed on the Overview Map

Easily zooming in and out

Even if your WebBoard space is expanded too large to recognize each object on the Object Map, you can use the Scale Slider to zoom in or out of the space.

WebBoard space is expanded too large to recognize


Use SaasBoard for free to host web meetings with no price and time limit.


Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click!


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