2. Terms and Condition of service

It is mandatry to agree with Terms and Condition in order to get SaasBoard service. Please read below and agree with it.

SaasBoard Use of Service Agreement [ Ver.1.1 : Effective as of June 27, 2008 ]

This Agreement for Use of Service ("Agreement") is the entire agreement between the service users ("you", "user" or "users") and NEURONET Inc. ("NEURONET") in any connection with the use of SaasBorad hosted on our servers. The terms and conditions of This Agreement shall legally bind you and NEURONET upon NEURONET's acceptance of your application for its respective services (collectively, "Services") submitted in accordance with its designated application procedure.

* Article 1: Modification/addition to This Agreement

You will be deemed to agree that any modification/addition to the terms and conditions hereof made by NEURONET shall be a part of this Agreement.

NEURONET reserve the right to make any modification or addition to this Agreement without your prior consent, and you will be deemed to agree such modifications/additions. NEURONET shall ensure that you are informed of such modification/addition through the HTML homepage of this Agreement provided on our server. As such, it is your responsibility to review this Agreement on a regular basis during the term of your use of its Services.

* Article 2: Acceptance of Application & Unit of Use

Your application for the Services will be accepted when NEURONET receives and approves your application form for the Services submitted on its designated format filled in with your information necessary for NEURONET to start providing you with the Services.

A user under the age of 18 will be deemed to have obtained one's parent's or guardian's consent upon application.

The term granted upon your initial application will be a unit of period for automatic renewal. If you wish to change your service plan, you make another application upon expiration of your initial or subsequent application, and a new unit of period will be granted. A minimum unit of period varies by service as stated separately.

Your request for renewal or termination of the Services will be accepted when NEURONET receives, reviews, and approves your request submitted on its designated online form or otherwise the alternative email form, or via post mail before the end of the SaasBoard service renewal period of which NEURONET notifies you via email, or if no notification is made by us, the end of your term of use.

* Article 3: Succession, Transfer or Resale of Right

Any SaasBoard Service provided by NEURONET should not be succeeded by, transferred, resold or sold in part to any other party without its prior consent except for any of the following reasons.

- You have obtained permission from NEURONET as provided separately in the SaasBoard service description, or you have indicated your intention to transfer, etc, and NEURONET has accepted it.

- In the case that a user is a corporate entity and the position as a user has been succeeded by another business entity due to a business merger, such new entity has informed NEURONET accordingly in a timely manner, and NEURONET has approved such succession.

- When a user is an individual user and in the event of one's death, one successor can succeed the position of the user only when requested so, and such successor has informed NEURONET accordingly in a timely manner, and NEURONET has approved such succession.

A successor should also take over any liability arising from the previous application.

* Article 4: Rejection of Application

NEURONET reserves the right not to accept your application for the Services under the following circumstances:

- You may possibly default on liability you incur upon application for the Services.

- You may have possibly provided false information on your application form for the SaasBoard Services.

- You may possibly post content which NEURONET prohibits herein, and therefore NEURONET determines that you are not an appropriate user for its Services.

- Any other case in which NEURONET determines that you may possibly prevent NEURONET from implementing the Services or other users from using them.

* Article 5: Commencement & Notification of Service

The SaasBoard Services shall commence upon our sending a notification to your email address specified in your application form for the SaasBoard Services to inform of the completion of set-up. The starting date of the Services shall be what is indicated in such a notification.

* Article 6: Changes, etc. to Application Form

You should notify NEURONET of any change to your application form for the SaasBoard Services such as your name, the name of your business entity, residential/company address, email address, etc. using our designated online form or otherwise the alternative email form, or via post mail in a timely manner. Your email address is the only contact NEURONET uses whenever it requires to contact you, and NEURONET shall not be liable for any loss arising from NEURONET's failure to reach you as a result of your negligence in reporting us your new address.

* Article 7: Restriction of Use of Equipment

NEURONET reserves the right to restrict, at its discretion, your use of the Services in order to put the public need for telecommunications first to facilitate rescue operations, secure telecommunications and electricity capabilities, and maintain public order, etc. in the event of emergency due to natural disaster or any other unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstance, or in the event that such emergency situation is expected to arise.

* Article 8: Discontinuation of Use; Cancellation of Application

NEURONET reserves the right to discontinue your use of its Services and cancel your accepted application for the Services without prior notice or warning if you take any of the following actions:

- Engage in illegal activities which violate any Japanese or foreign law.

- Uses the Services in a way that NEURONET determines to be offensive to public order and morals.

- The use of the Services by yourself, or any other individual or a business entity who indirectly uses them through you, causes trouble to other users or prevents NEURONET's operation of its equipment.

- Violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- Any other case in which NEURONET deems that you are inappropriate as a user.

* Article 9: Termination of Services

NEURONET reserves the right to terminate the Services due to operational reasons.

NEURONET should notify you of the termination of the Services at least one month prior to the date of such termination. The cancellation of your accepted application shall be effected on the date of terminating the Services.

NEURONET shall refund to you a monthly pro rata portion of the service fee paid by you for the period starting the month following the termination of the Services and ending the month of expiration. Except as stated above, you cannot claim any refund against NEURONET.

* Article 10: Deletion of User's Data; Discontinuation of Provision of Service

NEURONET reserves the right to delete part or all of contents created/used by you, or discontinue to provide you with the Services when you use or operate the SaasBoard Services in ways as described below or there is a risk you may take any of the following actions, without prior notification considering the urgency of a matter.

- Violate public order and morals.

- Disclose authentication information to the multiple people.

- Feature sexually explicit graphical and/or text content.

- The use of the Services by yourself, or any other individual or a business entity who indirectly uses them through you, causes trouble to other users or prevents NEURONET's operation of its equipment.

- Engage in possible criminal acts which violate any Japanese or foreign law.

- Potentially violate and create disadvantage for the wealth, privacy and/or copyright of a third party.

- Conflict with the public offices election law.

- Prevent NEURONET from conducting its business.

- Violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- Any other case in which you conflict with Article 17, or NEURONET deems that your content is inappropriate for posting.

* Article 11: Termination of Application

If you engage in any of the following activities, NEURONET reserves the right to revoke your entitlement to use the Services upon notification of such decision via email to your designated mail address. In this case, NEURONET shall not in any way refund or compensate for the service fee paid by you.

- Violate any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

- Any other case in which NEURONET deems that you are inappropriate as a user.

* Article 12: Disclaimer

Subject to providing the best operation and maintenance of its equipment, NEURONET is not liable, for any reason whatsoever considering the nature of the telecommunications services it provides, for any loss incurred by you as a result of, among other incidents, a decrease in network speed or unrecoverable data corruption during the term of your use.

* Article 13: Right to Use Identification

The right to use an ID and pages registered by NEURONET on behalf of you based on your application shall belong to you. One ID can have a maximum disk capacity of 100MB.

* Article 14: Handling of Emails

Both NEURONET and you shall agree to treat all emails as confidential information, and NEURONET shall not review or disclose to any third party a user's emails without following the required laws and legal procedures.

* Article 15: Prohibited Use of SaasBoard Services, And Graphic Images, Texts, Articles, Etc. Prohibited To Upload/Display

You should not use the SaasBoard Services in ways as described below or upload, display and/or use any files (including graphic images, etc.) as listed below.

- Obscene photographs, pages, texts, etc. which violate the Japanese laws.

- Disclose your login information to the unspecified public.

- Upload or attempt to upload any non-NEURONET program.

- Rent any of the SaasBoard Services to the unspecified public or a number of people, or conduct any service relating to such activity.

- Upload videos which require push/pull connections on a constant basis.

- Randomly send emails to the unspecified public for the purpose of solicitation or invitation.

- Operate any matchmaking site as well as any two way accessible bulletin board service for cell phones.

- Update your articles or perform reload repeatedly using a web browser in a way NEURONET considers as preventing its sever operations.

- Damage data or inhibit other users from using the Services.

- Use the Services and/or upload/display/use videos, graphic images, texts, etc. in ways that NEURONET determines inappropriate based on Article 8 & 10.

The purpose of this Article herein is to prohibit any illegal activity and provide/secure a fair and sound environment to all users using the NEURONET's servers hosting the SaasBoard Services, and not to limit their freedom to use them.

*Article 16: Connection, Scope of Access; Disclosure of Information; Confidentiality

You should not connect to or access any of other users' undisclosed areas/data stored on the NEURONET's servers you are allowed to use. In the case that you should come to know any of other users' information, you should not disclose to any third party and/or use such information.

NEURONET shall not disclose to external parties and/or use any of each user's personal information that NEURONET received in the course of your application, provided that NEURONET, as a telecommunications carrier, is legally ordered by judicial authorities to disclose such information.

* Article 17: Warranty of Data

NEURONET in no way secures under warranty any page and/or data, etc. created by you while it makes best efforts to do so.

* Article 18: User Responsibility

1. You are solely responsible for your use of the Services, and shall agree to assume full responsibility for any activity you perform using the Services and its consequences.

2. You are responsible for any information posted or attached using the Services. Under no circumstances shall NEURONET be responsible for such information.

3. Should you injure someone's reputation, compromise the privacy of an individual, disclose the personal information of a third party without permission, engage in any act which violates the Japanese Copyright Law (Law No. 48 of 1970), and/or participate in any act of infringement of others' rights, you shall solve such problems at your own responsibility and expenses, while NEURONET will under no circumstances assume liability for such losses.

4. You acknowledge that NEURONET is not responsible for storing any information posted or attached by you using the Services, and agree to make regular and current backups of all data thus posted or attached.

* Article 19: Agreement to This Agreement

This Agreement is deemed to be agreed to when any of the followings is implemented.

- The sealed paper copies of this Agreement are exchanged between NEURONET and you.

- NEURONET receives your electronic application form which contains this Agreement.

- You approve this Agreement on the Internet.

- You apply for the Services via the Internet, by which action you are deemed to have accepted this Agreement.

* Article 20: Exclusive Jurisdiction

In the event that any lawsuit is filed by either party, the exclusive jurisdiction for such lawsuit between the parties shall be the Tokyo District Court, and NEURONET shall appoint its law firm as its legal repetitive.

* Disclaimer: This is the translation of the original SaasBoard Service Agreement in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between the translation and the original Japanese, the Japanese version shall prevail.


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