With SaasBoard, web conferencing and collaborating is as easy as just connecting your PC to the Internet.

  • SaasBoard can satisfy each user's need to collaborate with people inside and outside the office, facilitate day-to-day work and enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • SaasBoard can also satisfy each organization's need to provide its people with a reliable and secure web conferencing tool for communication among HQs, branches and affiliates, etc., at low cost.

You can choose from the individual user-focused "SaasBoard Collabo" series and the group-focused "SaasBoard Room" series, each of which is further categorized into full-featured "Regular" and basic "Lite," with total 16 plans plus a Free plan.
With SaasBoard, you can communicate "anytime," "anywhere," and "with anyone" in a reliable, secure and easy-to-use manner. Enjoy the "web community" where you can express yourself intuitively without the barriers of time and space and beyond the limit of words.

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Web Conferencing Course
  • User-based licensing
  • You can host as many as web meetings that take place concurrently.
  • Easy web collaboration starts from the SNS Platform that can accelerate each user's productivity.

Proactive web collaboration starts with SaasBoard Collabo. Users with SaasBoard ID can quickly and easily collaborate with each other. With a minimum monthly rate of 2,980 yen for one SaasBoard ID, the user can interact not only with other licensed users but also with up to 3 Free plan users, resulting in only 745 yen per person (2,980 yen/4 persons=745 yen per person). The SNS Platform provides various capabilities including messaging, link to mobile email addresses and integration with Skype to further facilitate business productivity and communication. SaasBoard will become a powerful tool for active knowledge workers.


  • Room-based licensing
  • Twelve plans to suit your need depending on the size of meetings.
  • Web meetings are easily organized using the Room Reservation Platform.

Suitable for organizations that need a centrally-managed, reliable and secure, yet easy web conferencing system for both internal and external communication. The SaasBoard Room series is offered through "Room"-based licensing, which allows multiple users to share a web meeting room. SaasBoard Room comes with six plans according to the capacity of meeting rooms, plus another six plans that are more affordable, totaling 12 plans. An unlimited number of users can be registered as a facilitator who reserves a web meeting room and invites participants (whose SaasBoard ID are not required) via email. All data transmitted during the web meeting will be automatically deleted once the meeting is over. You can rest assured that any critical information will not be leaked and will be deleted (you can also configure not to be deleted).


Difference of types
What is the difference between SaasBoard Collabo and SaasBoard Room?
  • To make the long story short….
    • Collabo is for individual users who use it proactively.
    • Roomprovides a "room" for multiple users to share.
    With the above in mind, please continue to read….
  • Multiple meeting rooms
    • Under Collabo licensing, users with SaasBoard ID can create as many as web meeting rooms.
    • Under Room, each plan comes with one license and one web meeting room. So facilitators can only reserve the meeting room when it is not reserved by other facilitators. When more than one meeting rooms are required, additional licenses should be purchased.
  • The capacity of web meeting rooms
    • The SaasBoard Collabo Regular, the SaasBoard Collabo's highest end, can only accommodate up to nine participants in one web meeting room (optionally scalable up to 50 participants).
    • The SaasBoard Room series, which comprises of various plans from the lowest end SaasBoard Room6 to highest end SaasBoard Room100, can accommodate a larger group of participants, minimum up to 6 and maximum up to 100 participants.
    • For much larger web conferencing for more than 100 participants, consider purchasing a SaasBoard bundled appliance server plan, or a package solution we offer.
  • Concurrent web meetings
    • With SaasBoard Collabo, different users with SaasBoard ID can have a web meeting separately at the same time.
    • With SaasBoard Room, one meeting room is shared with multiple users, and no additional room is available, unless additional licenses are purchased.
  • Who will have ID, and who can participate in the meeting?
    • The SaasBoard Collabo seriesis ID-based licensing, and only those with SaasBoard ID can host web conferencing, etc. ID can also be assigned to "locations" if the purchasing organization so wishes. Members who are invited to web conferencing, etc., should be licensees of any of the SaasBoard Collabo series or SaasBoard Free users.
    • The SaasBoard Room series is room-based licensing, and one ID is assigned to Administrator, who can then create as many as ID to be assigned to facilitators, who can host web conferencing. Facilitators reserve meeting rooms using the Room Reservation Platform, and send email invitations to members, who can be those without ID, Administrator, and other facilitators.
  • Log-in Home (One Stop Entrance)
    • The SNS Platform is an entrance for Collabo licensees, who can easily configure their own platform as they want.
    • The Room Reservation Platform is an entrance for Room facilitators, who can configure their own platform where they check reservation status, view other facilitators' activity, etc.
  • Information exchanged through web conferencing
    • The SaasBoard Collabo series allows users with ID to manage their own platform. All the data generated through web meetings and collaboration is accumulated on the server, and users can always come back to the platform to view such information.
    • Under SaasBoard Room licensing, web meeting rooms are shared with other members. That is why all data transmitted during a web meeting will be automatically deleted once the meeting is over for security purposes (you an also configure not to be deleted).
Detail of Web COnferencing
    We do not deliver SaasBoard appliance server to foregin contries.


We provide variety of services using SaasBoar core technologies.

SaaS/ASP services


Solution development



Use SaasBoard for free to host web meetings with no price and time limit.


Check now whether the SaasBoard web conferencing tool works on your PC. All you have to do is to connect a web camera and headset to your PC and click!


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